The Center of Quantum Networking unveiled by Amazon

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quantum networking

Amazon announced the establishment of a research center for quantum networking called the Center of Quantum Networking ( AWS CQN). On June 21, the company announced the research center to push science and engineering with the primary focus on developing powerful multiprocessor networks for computing and building secure quantum communication networks.

Amazon is working on quantum networking to provide short-term quantum solutions for two years with Amazon Braket. This research center will focus on leveraging research-based long-term work on quantum hardware technology such as quantum repeaters and transducers. This hardware can be integrated with quantum technology like optical transmission to leverage the benefits of quantum computers. The integration of such hardware with quantum technologies will be capable to create long-range networks that can connect multiple quantum computing devices to maximize the powers of the integration.

optical communications

As the blog post from AWS announced, “Quantum networks will leverage some technologies already deployed for modern optical communications, such as lasers, fibers, and detectors. However, instead of strong laser beams, quantum networks require single photons—the smallest building blocks of light—to connect quantum devices together. Single photons enable many of the special capabilities of quantum networks and simultaneously pose a great challenge: quantum mechanics prohibits their amplification, limiting the network range. Also, the weakness of single photons complicates interfacing them with today’s quantum computing devices. This means that special new technologies, such as quantum repeaters and transducers, will need to be developed in order to implement global quantum networks.”

Amazon and its AWS offer an Amazon bracket that provides developers access to quantum computers like IonQ, Oxford Quantum Circuits, Rigetti, and D-Wave, and other software tools and simulators that allow developers to use quantum computing concepts. Amazon is also running two research-based quantum centers in AWS Center for Quantum Computing in Pasadena, California, and the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab.

AWS CQN (Center for Quantum Computing) is dedicated to designing and running fault-tolerant quantum computers. A dedicated team of hardware engineers, quantum theorists, and software developers gathered together to build these computers.

Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab provides a collaborative research program that allows you to work in quantum computing, machine learning, and high computing providing business applications of quantum computing and helping businesses get quantum ready.

The Quantum network is still in the early stage of getting its full potential. A dedicated research center and workforce will bring forth new applications of quantum networks for privacy, security, and computational power.


  • What is quantum networks ?

    Quantum networks are like the classical networks we use in everyday life to transmit and share digital information. However, quantum networks use quantum bits, or qubits, which encode information in a way that is utterly foreign to the classical way of thinking.

  • Is quantum internet faster than light?

    For now, though, the prevailing position among scientists appears to be that quantum communication is not faster than the speed of light.

  • Is Amazon investing in quantum computing?

    In recent years, Amazon and its AWS cloud computing unit made a number of major investments in quantum computing. With Amazon Braket, the company offers developers access to quantum computers from the likes of IonQ, Oxford Quantum Circuits, Rigetti and D-Wave, as well as other software tools and simulators.

  • Why do we need quantum networks?

    Quantum networks form an important element of quantum computing and quantum communication systems. Quantum networks facilitate the transmission of information in the form of quantum bits, also called qubits, between physically separated quantum processors.

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