Red Hat announced Red Hat Device Edge to run Edge Computing Workloads

Red Hat Device Edge, recently announced by Red hat Inc., is an enterprise-ready and supported distribution of Kubernetes named MicroShift. It is an edge-optimized OS built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It broadens the space in which Red Hat platform users can run edge computing workloads, including field-deployed devices such as IoT gateways, point-of-sale terminals,… Continue reading Red Hat announced Red Hat Device Edge to run Edge Computing Workloads

Admin - December 30, 2022

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Drive Business Growth with Impactful Strategies utilizing Behaviora...

Data is the power of any successful organization today. In this era, where a massive amount of data is being generated every minute, analyzing this data to create successful business strategies is essential to success. The data gathered through multiple resources gives detailed insights through analysis that helps organizations understand their customers and plan and strategize campaigns accordingly.

Admin - December 20, 2022

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Utilize Edge Computing to offer Efficient, Accurate and Cost-Effect...

Healthcare systems are forwarding with modern approaches by deploying innovative solutions to provide better and faster healthcare services. AI has promised cheaper, and more reliable healthcare services globally, and open source communities are working tirelessly to provide solutions to the medical industry.

Prashant Mishra - December 16, 2022

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Keep your Applications and Codes Safe with Bug Bounty Programs

Developers and technology builders need to build products that are highly secure and free from vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities include Data Security, Network Security Gaps, Buffer Overflow, or Broken Access Control. For any organization, it is challenging to keep the applications developed secure as hackers constantly try to slit through any possible security gaps that the developers may have missed.

Admin - December 15, 2022

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An Opensource Approach to address Black Box AI with Microsoft Inter...

Industries are becoming dependent on AI for multiple tasks. Artificial Intelligence has become a prominent part of organizations for their operations. Depending completely on AI for decisions is not a smart way to handle operations as AI operations can be biased.

Admin - December 13, 2022

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Microsoft open-sourced FarmVibes.AI for Sustainable Agriculture Pra...

FarmVibes.AI toolkit has been made available on GitHub to assist developers and researchers in building tech solutions for modern farming. FarmVibes is a project by Microsoft with the goal to encourage researchers, practitioners, and data scientists to build sustainable tools for agriculture and determine the right practices, predict desirable weather, and analyze soil conditions. The… Continue reading Microsoft open-sourced FarmVibes.AI for Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Prashant Mishra - December 12, 2022

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