Red Hat announced Red Hat Device Edge to run Edge Computing Workloads

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Red Hat Device Edge, recently announced by Red hat Inc., is an enterprise-ready and supported distribution of Kubernetes named MicroShift. It is an edge-optimized OS built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It broadens the space in which Red Hat platform users can run edge computing workloads, including field-deployed devices such as IoT gateways, point-of-sale terminals, robots, and drones. This latest addition to the Red Hat edge portfolio aims to provide a future-proof platform that allows organizations’ architecture to evolve in response to changes in workload strategy.

Edge devices from different industries need computing software compatibility and security. Organizations can use Red Hat Device Edge to deploy containers at the edge. Red Hat claims, organizations can reduce compute requirements by up to 50% when compared to traditional Kubernetes edge configurations with Red Hat Device Edge.

Devices such as drones, IoT gateways, points of sale/information, and vehicle systems often operate in areas with limited computing and networking capabilities. Additionally, the lack of technical expertise makes sit hard to access and control these devices.

The Red Hat Device Edge focuses on three categories-

Enterprise Edge:

Customers can use enterprise edge to extend application services to remote locations. It has a core enterprise data store, which can be located in a data center or as a cloud resource.

Operations Edge:

The Operations Edge provides immediate and accurate decisions (from IoT sensors, for example) based on real-time inputs. Operations Edge is a destination for data collection, processing, and action.

Providers Edge:

Providers edge is dedicated to industries that manage the network for others. This edge is concerned with establishing a dependable, low-latency network with computing environments close to mobile and fixed users.

Source: Red Hat Inc.

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