Modernize Data Integration and Analysis with Data Fabric Architecture

Organizations have to deal with massive amounts of data that includes structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. Many frameworks have been built to maintain this data like data lakes, data warehouses, and data fabrics. Every approach has its own significance and advantage over the other.

Admin - December 20, 2022

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Utilize Edge Computing to offer Efficient, Accurate and Cost-Effect...

Healthcare systems are forwarding with modern approaches by deploying innovative solutions to provide better and faster healthcare services. AI has promised cheaper, and more reliable healthcare services globally, and open source communities are working tirelessly to provide solutions to the medical industry.

Prashant Mishra - December 16, 2022

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Secure Your In-Use Data with Confidential Computing Paradigm

Any data produced is always in one of the three stages, at rest, in use, and in transit. The data that is stored is at rest, the data that is being processed is in use and the data that is being transferred from one data point to other is in transit. Data can be vulnerable at any point and hence it is required to protect the data in all three stages.

Admin - December 8, 2022

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Distributed Cloud addressing the needs of Modern Healthcare Infrast...

The Healthcare industry operates with massive data arrays generated through various data sources that need to be processed and stored to provide access to treatments. Modern Healthcare solutions are gathering data to provide analytics like patients’ medical history, potential health threats, genetic information, etc. but there is a need to unify the information while making… Continue reading Distributed Cloud addressing the needs of Modern Healthcare Infrastructures

Prashant Mishra - December 7, 2022

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Migrate to Cloud-Native Resources Securely with Cloud-Native Applic...

Today, organizations want to leverage the benefits of digital transformation for better revenue growth by achieving the benefits of digitalization. With the ever-growing data, organizations need a storage solution that is scalable and highly agile for seamless process and analysis. Organizations are deviating toward the public cloud for better ROI generation.

Admin - December 6, 2022

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3 Quantum computers revolutionizing the classical computing era

What is Quantum Computing? Quantum computing is a new paradigm of computing that is in its initial phase. Technophiles are thriving towards the computing methodology as it holds an enormous amount of capabilities compared to the present computing methodology. Quantum computing will be able to solve the most complex problems in a matter of minutes… Continue reading 3 Quantum computers revolutionizing the classical computing era

Admin - August 23, 2022

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