Evolution of Cloud computing with Metaverse

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What is Metaverse?

Metaverse will revolutionize how people connect on the internet. It is a concept of a set of 3D virtual environments or worlds connected with each other. It uses the concept of virtual reality and artificial reality to create environments where people can interact with each other. It is a new concept that is still being defined, but if it came into existence, it will impact the entire technology in some way.

A 2021 Bloomberg Intelligence report found that the metaverse may create a market opportunity worth about $800 billion. That means, Metaverse is going to redefine how technology works.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta has announced building a dedicated team to work on the concept of Metaverse. The CEO is showing much interest and wants to make virtual reality the new way of social interaction. Other tech giants have also shown interest in the concept of the Metaverse.

The impact of Metaverse will be significant on cybersecurity and Cloud Computing as well. Simply put, the Metaverse has virtual worlds, and to store these virtual worlds, a massive amount of storage will be needed along with potential data and privacy security.

Impact of Metaverse on Cloud Computing

The evolution of the metaverse will probably lead to an even greater demand for cloud computing. Numerous factors account for this. The fundamental idea is that it takes a lot of computer and storage power to host a 3D environment. Given the vast amount of processing and storage needed to operate a virtual reality cosmos, Metaverse will evolve cloud computing. Remote cloud-based computers will be the only practical solution when more robust performance and updated resources are required.

Metaverse with Hybrid Cloud

The main challenge in front of Metaverse providers will be to provide uninterrupted connectivity. While using a Metaverse, outages can impact the user experience significantly, and hence, companies will have to avoid the chances of disruptions. The confidential information in the metaverse is a further area of concern.

In such a scenario, using a hybrid cloud service will be a priority to Metaverse providers that can ensure high availability, scalability, flexibility, and robust performance of a public cloud along with security and data privacy of a private cloud. A hybrid cloud can place the resources close to end-users and provide improved performance and availability and ensures data security by giving control over data to the service providers or storing data to private users.

The Evolution of Cloud Computing for Metaverse

The available cloud computing services like Cloud 4C are less likely to adapt to the Metaverse culture. To host Metaverse, a specialized or dedicated cloud will be needed to promote the connectivity of different virtual worlds. Cloud computing as a whole will have to evolve to get adapted to the metaverse concept. Specialized cloud services will be provided only to host Metaverse by either existing cloud computing giants or by new service providers specialized in Cloud for Metaverse.

A specialized cloud will be the basic necessity to evolve Metaverse.

Businesses’ opportunities after Metaverse

With the change in the way people will pursue their life, there will be a massive shift in the business flow. The metaverse will open up new chances for buyers and sellers to connect in new ways as a result of the growth of electronic marketing. With the mixed reality, there will be a business boom in the entertainment sector as well. Every industrial sector can boom in one way or another with the evolution of Metaverse if the work culture of the industry is transformed with time.

People and business owners will have to be innovative with their ideas to grow their business on Metaverse. The traditional ways of doing business will not suffice in the Virtual Reality era.

Metaverse Crypto Connection

In the digital world, the currencies will also be digitalized. The cryptocurrencies may own the entire Metaverse e-commerce section as they will be secure and at a lower risk of cyber-attacks. Cryptocurrencies can rule the entire online and offline market globally leaving traditional ways of exchange behind.

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