The clout of Windows 11 is more than Windows 10?

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  • Should you upgrade your system to Win 11?
  • Performance of Windows 11
  • Layout of Windows 11

Microsoft’s Windows 11 made a significant conversion to your Windows experience. Win 11 will be available for all compatible devices by mid-22. In terms of outline and design Windows has got a new feather in its hat, but talking in terms of the features, the two operating systems are quite similar beneath the lid.

The set of the next generation of Windows apart from your current generation will have a huge variance. You’ll probably have multiple questions regarding the upgrade of your Win, so let’s map out the similarities, and differences between the two versions.


Should you upgrade your Windows to Win 11?

Windows 11 has definitely some advantages over Windows 10. It has better security, better features, and a new simplistic yet appealing design. It can increase productivity with its faster performance. But, being a new OS, it has its fair share of bugs (common in most new OS). It might also show complications to collaborate with old and incompatible devices. You can upgrade to windows 11 when a complete bug-free version is released, and for systems, it’s better to stay with windows 10.

Specifications required to upgrade to Windows 11-

  • intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake or Zen 2 CPUs and up
  • TPM 2.0
  • 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage


How to upgrade to Windows 11?

The road is the same to upgrade your Windows 10 to Windows 11, just like the procedure followed by you to upgrade your Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 to Windows 10, but there is a little snag.

If your device is connected with Microsoft feature-set then the update is quite speedy via Windows Update option. If you in case choose a different pathway, the Installation Assistant will allow you to install windows 11 on a congruous PC without using Windows Update, but the possibility increases that you might run into a few bugs or “blue screens of death.”

You can install Windows 11 on different hardware too, but after a couple of days, Microsoft could stop backing up the systems that aren’t certified for Windows 11 and you might not get notified with some decisive security updates.

Performance of Windows 11 versus Windows 10

In comparison with Windows 10, Windows 11 does grapple with some potential affiliated with the speed facet.

Windows 11 did a lot of tussles related to memory management. Microsoft actually tried and proved by showcasing how even under 90% CPU load strain, the Excel app in Windows 11 opens up with full speed. Windows 11 had been amplified with performance improvements along with the new operating system. The company retorts about faster logins with quicker wake from sleep and prompt web browsing.



The layout of Windows 11

A modernistic design

Win 11 has canvassed a lot in effigy along with the collections of icons that come with beautiful and colorful tilts, which also adds a fine touch of depth in shots. There is also a rounded look on pretty much everything. We can see that Windows, menu panels, and notification boxes got a softer edge which enhances the entire chic look of windows 11.

In addition to this, it also got an OS-level dark mode, letting you swap between a brighter, more colorful look and a darker, more delighted color outline that is applied to desktop wallpaper along with menus and applications. According to Microsoft, all the changes in the appearance of the operating system are made to bring a sense of calmness to users.

Conversion in taskbars

Windows 11 relocated the Start menu, which is now placed at the bottom center of the screen. Icons and programs on a taskbar look slightly unusual, you can also pin some icons to create a quick and customized menu for your speedy access.

Outlines and Multi-doing layouts

There are different layouts to match your screen size. Multi-monitor screen management lets you caper from one screen to another screen. For an extensive and wide range of workspace Microsoft has mended its virtual desktop. Virtual desktops allow you to create different environments for different actions, like work, school, and gaming.


Windows 11 imparts a set of live feeds, giving you all the information, updates, and recommendations on various subjects and issues from the calendar to weather reports to personalized and top news updates and articles. With the use of AI, a collection of info from various top searched items are suggested to you based on your location and interests.

Widgets are placed on the left-hand bottom corner of the screen. You can also maximize the widgets feature to get a full-screen experience for a quick glance.

Gaming experience

The update in Windows 11 provides you with better high-frame-rate gaming and speedy running time improvements without worrying about the graphic card settings.

Microsoft has also spent time on Xbox Game Pass.

Touchscreen, pen, and voice uphold

Assistance and support by keyboard and mouse are still fully sustained, but Microsoft has restructured the interface to work better when you aren’t able to use any of them with the help of a touchscreen, pen, and voice input.

The touchscreen feature lets you be freer with the trackpad gestures you already use. A little on-screen keyboard comes with many options for easy typing with the thumb and a quick selection of emoticons.

You’ll also be very well-heeled using a pen or stylus for quick and better feedback. To use voice input, no extra software is required. Not only it come with voice recognition but also automated punctuation marks.

Android app integration

Microsoft Store now has android apps available for Windows 11 via the Amazon Appstore. The most awaited feature for Windows to merge mobile and laptop devices came true.


  • How to install android apps on windows 11

    To install an Android app, click on the app icon, just like you would if you were using the Appstore Windows Explorer on an Android for Fire device. Select install, and then let the Appstore take care of the rest. Once it’s done, you’ll see the install button switch to Open.

  • How to install windows 11 on windows 10

    Our tutorial that will help you install the most recent operating system will make finding and using a Windows 11 download easier than ever. Although Windows 11 may not be “new” per se, it is still Microsoft’s most latest and up-to-date operating system, and it has many beneficial features that are worth checking out, so this may be the ideal moment to upgrade your operating system to Windows 11.

  • How to download windows 11 iso file

    Go to the location where you downloaded the ISO file. · On the “General” tab, click “Change…” where it says, “Opens with:” and select Windows Explorer for the

  • How to remove apps from desktop windows 10

    If you have applications on your computer that you no longer want, they can be easily removed to free up disk space and unclutter your Start menu. Windows 10 and Windows 11 include a built-in uninstall option available through the Start menu, Settings screen, and Control Panel.

  • Is Windows 11 update available now

    Windows 11 is here and ready for you. Last August, Microsoft estimated that “all eligible devices [will] be offered the free upgrade to Windows 11 by mid-2022.” Microsoft beat that timeframe with the general deployment of Windows 11 on May 17

  • Does Windows 11 run better than Windows 10?

    In many ways, Windows 11 works just as well as Windows 10. It runs all the same software, and it supports all the same peripheral hardware. And yet, there are quite a few valid reasons to not upgrade to Windows 11 .

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