Highlights of a 3-hour podcast with Marks Zuckerberg by Joe Rogan

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Marks Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta who is well-known for enhancing the capabilities of virtual human interaction, was invited to the podcast by Joe Rogan. The podcast lasted for 3 hours and they talked about multiple subjects. Rogan seemed to tackle the flow in a very friendly way and was able to let Zuck speak out his thoughts without making him uncomfortable at any point.

In the podcast, Zuckerberg talked about physical activities, his time on social media, his wife and kids, and Twitter along with many other matters.

Marks revealed he likes to be physically active and indulge in martial arts, specially jujutsu to keep him active throughout the day. He said,” I hate sitting in front of my desk. I feel that if I’m not active I’m just wasting away. My energy level and mood and how I interact with the world is based on… it’s so physical. I don’t believe we are just brains in a body. Our physical being and actions we take there are as much the experience of being human.”

Ha also revealed how Work from Home has impacted his work as he has to go through interruptions while working and he does not prefer them. He said, “I have this thing where I will be in zone-flow concentration and my wife will ask me some basic questions and I lose my flow, and from her perspective, it is not a big deal, but that is not how it works.”

While talking about twitter he said we cannot spend a lot of time on Twitter without being negative. In contradiction, he feels Instagram is a happy and positive place where people can have a good time.

He also said he does not like to start his morning with devices. He said, “So it’s almost like every day you wake up you are punched in the stomach.”

Talking about social media platforms, he also stated, “Me personally, I am just doing so many things that in practice there are not [enough] hours in the day. My kids, I have not really had to think about it quite as much as they are pretty young, six and five… I want them to use technology for different things. I teach them how to code, it is an outlet of creativity.”

He ended the podcast with a fun acknowledgment that people thought he is a robot after his appearance in the congress of 2018 responding to which Rogan said it was the way he drank water that was not human-like.

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