Utilize Edge Computing to offer...

Healthcare systems are forwarding with modern approaches by deploying innovative solutions to provide better and faster healthcare services. AI has promised cheaper, and more reliable healthcare services globally, and open source communities are working tirelessly to provide solutions to the medical industry.

Prashant Mishra - December 16, 2022

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Microsoft open-sourced FarmVibe...

FarmVibes.AI toolkit has been made available on GitHub to assist developers and researchers in building tech solutions for modern farming. FarmVibes is a project by Microsoft with the goal to encourage researchers, practitioners, and data scientists to build sustainable tools for agriculture and determine the right practices, predict desirable weather, and analyze soil conditions. The… Continue reading Microsoft open-sourced FarmVibes.AI for Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Prashant Mishra - December 12, 2022

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Digital Twin to Enhance Accurac...

The global healthcare ecosystem is adapting innovation for more accurate, and approachable healthcare solutions. The recent scenarios have led to the need for health solutions that address requirements for clinical diagnosis, treatment, and disease management while limiting transmission and disease spread.

Prashant Mishra - December 12, 2022

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Distributed Cloud addressing th...

The Healthcare industry operates with massive data arrays generated through various data sources that need to be processed and stored to provide access to treatments. Modern Healthcare solutions are gathering data to provide analytics like patients’ medical history, potential health threats, genetic information, etc. but there is a need to unify the information while making… Continue reading Distributed Cloud addressing the needs of Modern Healthcare Infrastructures

Prashant Mishra - December 7, 2022

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