Artificial Intelligence amplifying the potential of IoT

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Table of Content

  • What is AIoT?
  • How do AIoT works?
  • Importance AIoT
  • Benefits of AIoT
  • Limitations of AIoT



Artificial Intelligence is outspreading in every industry and in every domain. Organizations are accepting Artificial Intelligence with open arms and are deploying the correct strategies to leverage the benefits of AI. With Natural Processing Language, AI has made machines not only replicate human tasks but has also made machines behave more like humans. AI is being integrated with other technical domains to get solutions to lessen human interaction to perform tasks and take necessary actions. Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way industries work.AI also adds value to IoT in many ways. IoT or the Internet of Things is a branch of computer science engineering which connects things together targeting connectivity for data sharing and seamless workflow. The agenda could be a seamless data flow, process analysis, and improving the efficiency or productivity of employees.

Artificial Intelligence of Things or AIoT is automating human tasks with the Internet of Things. Companies that are deploying AIoT in their workflow in many ways have been benefiting from the potential of smarter and better Internet of Things.


What is AIoT?

The potential of artificial intelligence is limitless. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things can provide enormous efficiency for organizations to work seamlessly and effectively.
When AI is integrated with IoT, the devices are able to make smart decisions by studying provided data without human assistance. AIoT builds intelligent machines to implement innovative behaviors to come up to correct conclusions.
Artificial Intelligence works in two ways, at the center, and at the edge. To generate predictive analysis and anomaly alerts, AIoT is deployed at the center of the IoT. When AI is brought close to the edge of the IoT, it helps to reduce the bandwidth consumption and latency of the network.

AIoT works

How do AIoT works?

In the integration of AIoT, the Internet of Things work to collect data and the AI helps the machine make correct decisions by analyzing useful insights from that data without any human interference. To do so, AI chipsets are embedded in IoT components and then APIs are used for the communication of all the resources. AI uses data learning to process the collected data to build useful insights for efficient decisions. Processing data at the edge means analyzing data as close as possible to the nodes of the network so that unnecessary data can be avoided to reduce the latency of data transmission.
AI can support unstructured data analytics solutions with great potential as the volume of human- and machine-generated data increases. For many customer-facing tasks like product lifecycle management as well as internal corporate purposes, data collected from IoT-connected systems will become incredibly useful. AI and IoT can both add value to each other. AI can leverage IoT with smart decision making while IoT can benefit AI by networking and data sharing.


Importance of AIoT

The current AIoT solutions are rather monolithic but the integration of AI into IoT has the potential of providing cross-industry solutions in many domains. AIoT will be able to provide industry-specific solutions with powerful insights with a significant focus on optimizing system and network operations.
With the help of AIoT, IoT can leverage the potential of big data for more efficient and robust performance of the network. This will benefit IoT in real-time analysis of different components of edge computing. Capturing, analyzing, and using real-time data with IoT can open new possibilities in industries.


Limitations of AIoT

AIoT is still in its maturing phase and hence has many challenges to overcome before showing its full potential. Usually, the IoT has nodes at remote locations, and deploying AIoT at remote locations, managing the devices, updating all the devices together, and troubleshooting AIoT devices are challenging. Another challenge is deploying AIoT with the cloud. Using the cloud is an essential part of storing and providing data seamlessly, but too many security layers in the cloud can disrupt the working of AIoT disturbing leveraging the true benefits of AIoT.


Benefits of AIoT

AIoT is going to show enormous benefits in near future. When the collection of data will be manipulated by an intelligent system, it will make smarter decisions in real-time without constant human efforts. This integration will be self-analyzing and self-sufficient in many tasks that need human efforts. Looking at the potential of AIoT, the global market is expected to grow to 78.6 billion US dollars by 2026, announced Research and Markets.
With IoT, cloud computing, and machine-to-machine communication, industries are already able to connect, store and analyze data. With the deployment of Artificial Intelligence, the industries will also be able to utilize the analyzed data for decision-making to make it worthwhile.

Some applications and examples of AIoT are smart cities, smart homes, smart retail and smart shopping carts, smart video surveillance and many other



The new term AIoT 5G has been coined as integration of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of things, and 5G technologies together that will bring forth new ways of advancements of AIoT. AIoT5G has the potential of enhancing robotics in various industries including manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, etc. With the help of 5G, the data latency can be removed and the AI models can take action faster.

AIoT has great potential of transforming how industries work. Making machines smart enough to make real-time decisions can benefit industries with smarter and more powerful operations.

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